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Magnolia Soulangeana - A Winter Wonder

For a truly stunning winter garden flower we'd invite you to consider our Magnolia Soulangeana. You'll feel like oriental royalty as you stroll through a garden that features these wondrous specimens.

Take a look at out in-ground plantings of mature trees in winter and imagine this effect at your home.

IMG 1738

We sell these magnificent plants in 110 litre pots but if you are really keen (or impatient) make contact with us about "digging" our more mature stock, many of which are around 4/5 meters tall.

From mid-winter to early spring these deciduous trees flower with a opulent pink goblet shaped flower. These can be quite large reaching ten to fifteen centimetres in diameter and lend an oriental feel to the garden.

Magnolia DeciduousStalata type flower  b

Because these varieties originate in cool climates that tend to have rich, moist soils it's a great idea to improve the site before planting. Find a spot that gets 4-5 hours of sun a day, trying to avoid windy sites.

Prepare an area around 1.5 to 2 meters wide (depending on your purchase size). Dig in some manure or compost and throw in some water holding crystals at the same time.

Once you have possession of your new center piece, dig a hole twice the size of the pot and as deep. Once planted, heavily water the site and keep this up fro the next few months. Spread mulch to help retain moisture.

Apart from obvious pest like vermin, possums and birds, keep an eye out for snail damage. They tend to like the immature leaves in spring, so spread some pellets to control them.

In spring give the tree a dose of Dynamic lifter or a good quality slow release fertiliser.

In summer expect a vivacious leafed tree of attractive shape and come winter sit back and enjoy the show. This is truly one of our favourites and we look forward to helping you with a purchase.


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