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This year we have prepared over 4000 Magnolia Teddy Bears they are now established in 10" pots and looking great. They are 800/900mm out of the pot and fluffy.

Ever wondered what Magnolia Teddy Bears look like whilst they are still just teddy cubs?

Monday, 07 July 2014 17:13

Magnolia Soulangeana - A Winter Wonder

For a truly stunning winter garden flower we'd invite you to consider our Magnolia Soulangeana. You'll feel like oriental royalty as you stroll through a garden that features these wondrous specimens.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 12:19

Award-Winning Magnolia Teddy Bear's

Over the years Magnolia King has collected many talented and well known designers and gardeners as customers. People in the know who are attracted to Magnolia's for a variety of reasons - like you, or you'd not be reading this blog.

1.    Shade

When let grow to full heights, many Magnolia trees create perfectly shaded micro-climates underneath, lowering the ambient temperature considerably.

2.    Deciduous

Deciduous Magnolia trees planted on the north side of Australian houses give perfect shade in summer and then let the light stream in during winter, with the added bonus of the large and gorgeous flowers, ranging from whites, pinks, crimsons and reds.

Friday, 15 November 2013 02:14

Magnolia Trees - an ancient history

As the state flower of Mississippi, the Magnolia tree holds a high profile as far as flowering plants are concerned and indeed is frequently a touch stone for America's south in literature, art and music.

From its current lofty position it's interesting to note the plant has an ancient history on earth - appearing before bees did. Its spectacular iconic flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles.

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    "Magnolia King supplied me three gorgeous Magnolia Teddy Bears in 35 ltr pots, expertly delivered. 2 years on they are an astounding and healthy hedge."
    Ralph Mamone

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