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Ever Wondered What Magnolia Teddy Bear Cubs Look Like?

Ever wondered what Magnolia Teddy Bears look like whilst they are still just teddy cubs?

This is a picture of our next crop of the wonderful Magnolia Teddy Bear. I thought I'd give you some insight as to their journey from propagation through to looking for a new home in your garden.

This batch of 2500 Magnolia Teddy Bears started life at our propagators nursery in Victoria. This establishment is the only licenced nursery in Australia to propagate the Magnolia Teddy Bear variety and we have a very healthy relationship with them.

After a long truck journey they arrived here at Teven, delivered in 6" pots which we soon have "potted up" to 10" pots using our Comet potting machine and the expert team here at Magnolia King.

During potting we add an Osmocote style fertiliser underneath the root ball with a slow release of 12 to 14 months. We top dress the plant with the same style of product but with a 5 to 6 month release.

They are then gently transported out onto our highest beds at the nursery to grow up and out and into the "fluffy" form we all want Teddy Bears to take. To encourage them, they are regularly watered through an individual dripper for each plant

500 of this batch will remain here at the "Kings" nursery to be potted up into 15 litre pots and eventually onto the 35 litre pots.

600 of the batch are pre-ordered, so with a good 1100 plants spoken for, if you want to find a home for some of these at your place get onto the e-store now.

In other news from the "Kingdom" we have got 200 Magnolia Kay Parris in 8" pots at the moment. These will be potted on into 35 litre pots, so keep an eye on the e-store for these to list.

And finally a "teaser", we are about to experiment with a new offering utilising the terrific Magnolia Teddy Bear - stay tuned.

The King.


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