Tuesday, 04 November 2014 12:23

Spring has Sprung and Teddy Bears are on the Loose!

This year we have prepared over 4000 Magnolia Teddy Bears they are now established in 10" pots and looking great. They are 800/900mm out of the pot and fluffy.

We have 2000 pre-orders on these Magnolia Teddy Bears SO there are only 2000 remaining and available. However, with spring well and truly here we expect this stock to be quickly snapped up.

Spring is the ideal time to plant these wonderful plants as it provides a long establishment and growth period before they face the next winter.

Magnolia Teddy Bears are ideal as a stand alone feature tree or as a spectacular hedge.

Magnolia Hedges

On the topic of hedges, we have prepared some tips for a new hedge and existing ones.

  • To thicken and promote a more dense growth in your magnolia hedge de-budding gives you two buds for the price of one!
  • Simply look for a leaf bud near the end of a branch and pinch it off, feed the plant and water generously.
  • Keep and eye out and you will soon be rewarded with two buds where there was once one.
  • With Magnolia Teddy Bears, a dense growth habit occurs naturally, so just imagine the results with this easy trick.

Next blog I will give some tips for established hedges, after all spring has sprung and its time to get out into the garden and enjoy your magnolia's.

The King.


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    "Magnolia King supplied me three gorgeous Magnolia Teddy Bears in 35 ltr pots, expertly delivered. 2 years on they are an astounding and healthy hedge."
    Ralph Mamone

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